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Thoroughbred Code of Ethics

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A Message from our CEO


I am proud to lead this tremendous team of railroaders and a company with a rich history, a noble purpose, and a bright future. As members of the Thoroughbred team, each of us has a stake in protecting the company’s reputation and ability to do business. That means the work we do must reflect our Values and the standards outlined in our Thoroughbred Code of Ethics. In its pages you will find guidelines for behavior, questions and answers for situations you might encounter on the job, and resources to seek advice, report concerns, and make the right decisions.

As a team, we serve our customers and deliver for our nation’s economy. Individually, you embody the Norfolk Southern Values, which are a representation of how we engage, interact, and work with each other. As Norfolk Southern, we:

  • Build connections
  • Find a better way
  • Do what’s right
  • Get it done

This document is a guide to how we behave as we compete and win in the $800 billion+ transportation and logistics market. It’s directly aligned to our vision of being customer-centric and operations-driven. All of you make a choice every day to be Norfolk Southern railroaders, and together there is nothing we can’t accomplish.


Alan H. Shaw
President and Chief Executive Officer
Norfolk Southern Corporation


Click below to view the Thoroughbred Code of Ethics.

Thoroughbred Code of Ethics