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NS Corridors increase capacity and keep America moving.

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Norfolk Southern invests in corridor initiatives to expand the rail network. Increasing freight capacity improves transit times for NS customers and helps keep America competitive and moving forward.

The Crescent Corridor

The Crescent Corridor is a $2.5 billion rail infrastructure project that spans 2,500 miles and is one of the fastest, most direct routes from the Southeast to the Northeast. 

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The Heartland Corridor

The Heartland Corridor is a $150 million project that offers the most direct, high-capacity route to the Midwest. 

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NS is participating in the Chicago Region Environment And Transportation Efficiency project to reduce congestion and add capacity in the metropolitan Chicago area. 

Learn more about CREATE

Meridian Speedway

Meridian Speedway is a $300 million project between Meridian, Miss. and Shreveport, La. that will increase capacity and improve service. 

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Pan Am Southern

Pan Am Southern is a 155-mile main line track designed to increase intermodal and automotive capacity between New York and the greater Boston area. 

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