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Conservation at Brosnan Forest 


Through bold action and innovative approaches, NS is conserving natural resources 
and reducing our impact on the environment.

Juniata Locomotive Shop

Recycling Locomotives for the Long Haul

In Altoona, PA, at our Juniata Locomotive Shop, our skilled craft employees are the ultimate upcyclers. As part of our DC-to-AC modernization program, they rebuild locomotives entirely, creating models that are modern, more fuel efficient and reliable – at half the cost of buying new ones. 

Juniata Locomotive Shop


Teaming up with rail tech leader Wabtec, we’re on track to convert 1,000 locomotives in our road fleet from DC to AC traction by 2025, giving each at least 20 more years of life. These conversions significantly reduce fuel consumption and emissions, and drive efficiency and dependability. It’s a sustainability win-win-win, for NS, our customers, and the world.

The upgraded AC-traction locomotives go beyond engine replacement. With smart sensors and energy software, we cut idle time and achieve maximum fuel economy. This means 25% improved fuel efficiency, 40% increased reliability, 55% greater haulage, and 20% less maintenance. These gains drive us toward our eco-goal: 42% emissions intensity reduction by 2034.

Reducing Emissions at Intermodal Facilities

Intermodal Crane Replacements

We are revamping our intermodal facilities by replacing diesel cranes with hybrid or fully electric models. By the end of 2023, 22 of 68 diesel cranes will be greener and more efficient, with all diesels phased out in the next decade.  

We’re making the most sustainable way to move freight, even greener. Each hybrid crane cuts 75% emissions, saves 22,000 gallons of diesel fuel, and 225 tons of emissions each year. Over a 20-year life cycle each hybrid crane saves about 440,000 gallons of fuel and reduces emissions by 4,500 metric tons when compared with diesel. 

At our Austell Intermodal Facility, we’ve switched to six fully electric gantry cranes. Each crane spans two truck lanes, two rail lanes, and five container stacking lanes. This allows for vertical stacking, doubling the yard’s capacity – providing better support for customers’ growth while advancing toward zero-carbon.

Driving energy efficiency

Facilities Services Group Advances Sustainability

Our Facilities Services team works to ensure our offices and operating facilities are energy efficient and powered by renewable energy. The team is also expanding efficiency initiatives through resource usage audits at key locations across our network.

Norfolk Southern Headquarters


By 2030, we aim to increase our use of renewable energy to power our offices and operating facilities by 30%. This would save 59,000 megawatt hours, which is a year of power for 6,000 homes. In 2022, we offset emissions from 16,000 megawatt hours, part of which included agreements to purchase 100% renewable energy sources to offset emissions from three operating facilities.

Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in our Atlanta HQ. The campus is one of six buildings in Georgia to be certified as LEED Gold version 4. With open spaces, lush gardens, and rooftop terraces, the building maximizes rainwater reuse, and heat reduction. In 2022, it received a Chrysalis Award for green innovation, while the American Chemistry Council recognized it for energy efficiency. 

Norfolk Southern Facilities Services

Panos Kokkinos

Director Facilities Services

Stephen Bir

Senior Manager Facilities Services