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The Norfolk Southern Story

Spanning nearly two centuries, Norfolk Southern’s history reaches back to the earliest days of American railroading. From connecting the East to the Midwest via the Horseshoe Curve to opening the world's longest railroad bridge in Louisiana and developing the first railroad technical training center, we've helped pave the way for the American economy. We take pride in our history, our customers, and the communities we serve.

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Who We Are

We are building a customer-centric, operations-driven organization, that will be the gold standard of safety in the industry. We are committed to developing our people, protecting the communities we serve, and providing long-term growth for our customers. 

Our Strategy

Our long-term vision for success means listening to our customers and competing on operational excellence as we balance safe, reliable, resilient service with continuous productivity improvement, and smart, sustainable growth. 

Delivering on Our Values

From our executives to our board of directors, our leaders drive our company's vision, grounded in our shared values, as we lay tracks for the railroad of the future.

Everything Starts with Safety

Rail is the safest, most efficient, and most sustainable way to transport goods over land. And every day, we take meaningful action to make our railroad even safer. 

Technology Solutions

From AI to machine learning to edge computing, our team is constantly advancing the safety and efficiency of rail.

Sustainability Means Business

Sustainability drives us. In 2007, we named the industry’s first chief sustainability officer, and in 2021, we set an ambitious, science-based target to drastically reduce GHG emissions by 2034. Let us help you grow with the most sustainable way to ship freight over land.