Pocahontas Division local train V26 working the NS yard by the WestRock paper mill in at West Point, VA


Norfolk Southern stands ready to help customers find rail-served property, or property near rail, to expand their business and build for the future.


Since 1894, our team has partnered with companies large and small. We offer an unmatched network of sites and the expertise to serve customers from the first to last mile.

Find Rail-Served Sites

Explore NSites to find rail-served sites from three to 3,000 acres to meet your specific needs.


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Our Localized Team Knows the Ins and Outs of Your Area

We have industrial development managers and technical experts throughout our 22-state service area to ensure your site location and track construction needs will always be supported promptly by someone in that area.

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Available sites along our network that are ready for your business.


Companies that we’ve helped relocate or expand since 2011.


Invested in 159 rail development projects on our network in 2022, creating 3,900 new jobs.


Explore sites with our GIS-based, first-in-class search engine, designed for business and site selection experts.

Find Rail-Served Sites

Looking for a rail-served site to develop? Explore 800+ available sites served by Norfolk Southern — from three acres to 3,000 acres.

Pocahontas Division local train V24 in West Point, VA

Featured Site: Ohio River Megasite

This 875-acre Southern Ohio megasite is owned by Norfolk Southern and is poised for development into a world-class manufacturing facility, with direct access to rail, highway, and the Ohio River.

Highway and train tracks next to Ohio River Megasite, a potential spot for industrial development


We'll guide you through the rail development process, from site location to development to your first shipment and beyond. We will consider all your specific business requirements, growth plans, and supply chain strategies to achieve your goals.

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    Tell Us About Your Project

    Our rail project management experts are here for you, from initial point of contact to delivery of your first railcar.

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    Connect Your Business to Rail

    For nearly two centuries, NS has moved the goods that power the U.S. economy, with the most sustainable means to transport freight over land.


    Customer-centric, operations driven, and safety conscious, we’re using AI and the latest digital technology to advance safety and efficiency.

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    We'll Help You Find the Right Site Location

    Our team will assist you with locating rail-served sites, identifying sites that align with your business needs and development strategies.

Rail Development Tools

New to Norfolk Southern?

See how we provide safe, consistent, and reliable service across our extensive rail system.

Industry Track Design Standards

We've compiled our specifications for designing and constructing privately owned tracks in one easy-reference guide.

Our Everyday Safety Measures

At Norfolk Southern, everything starts with safety. We’re proactively taking precautions to advance the safety of transportation.

Leading the Way in Sustainability

Reduce your company’s emissions by partnering with us. We’re investing in multiple initiatives to drive sustainability across our operations.

Calculate Carbon Savings

Reduce emissions and shipping costs. By shipping with rail, our customers save 15 million metric tons of CO2 each year. Find out how much you can reduce your carbon footprint by shipping with us.

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