In the Business of a Better Planet

Sustainability drives us. In 2007, we named the industry’s first chief sustainability officer, and in 2021, we set an ambitious, science-based target to reduce GHG emissions by 2034. Let us help you grow with the most sustainable way to ship freight over land.

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Conserving natural resources and reducing our impact on the environment are fundamental to our business. We invite our customers and partners to work with us to meet their sustainability goals and build a better planet.

Carbon Calculator

Reduce emissions and shipping costs. By shipping with rail, our customers save about 15 million metric tons of CO2 each year.

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Sustainability Initiatives

We’re taking bold action and innovative approaches that move our business sustainably forward.

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Environmental Stewardship

From South Carolina wetlands to the Virginia coast and beyond, we continue to expand our decades-long conservation efforts driving sustainable land use and enhancing biodiversity.

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Our Vision

Forging a Better Tomorrow

Our goal is to create a more sustainable world, a brighter future for our employees, and help our customers achieve their sustainability goals. Our latest Environment, Social, and Governance report highlights all we do to drive sustainability, support our people and more.

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We push the sustainability of rail further with bold leadership and deliberate action. See how we're moving the world and delivering the low carbon economy.


We invested $1.5 billion in our locomotives, freight cars, and tracks to serve you better.


Moving freight by rail instead of truck reduces greenhouse gas emissions 75% on average.1


Trains are up to seven times more fuel-efficient than trucks.2

1. AAR Analysis of EPA: U.S. GHG Emissions from Transportation, 2021 2. "Emissions From Rail vs. Trucking Report" Stanford University 2022

A Sustainable Foundation

Five Pillars of Environmental Sustainability

At Norfolk Southern, sustainability is built on more than just one action or initiative.

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    To help guide us in meeting our science-based target to reduce carbon emissions, we’re developing our Climate Transition Plan for release by the end of 2023.

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    We are committed to ensuring our facilities are energy efficient and powered by renewable energy with a goal to increase our renewable energy usage to 30% by 2030.

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    Recycling, reusing, and minimizing waste are some of the most important ways we can lessen our environmental impact. For example, 70% of the rail we purchased in 2022 was made from recycled steel.

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    We help customers and stakeholders decarbonize their supply chains, moving sustainability forward across the globe.

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    Brosnan Forest, a 14,400-acre coastal nature preserve, is a prime example of our advocacy for sustainable land use and biodiversity.

A Clear Path Forward

Our Science-based Target

A science-based target, or SBT, is a company’s ambitious goal of reducing carbon emissions in accordance with the latest climate science. In 2021, we announced our science-based target to achieve a 42%  reduction in scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas emissions by 2034.

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Additional Resources

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