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Find all the applications you need for property leases, subleases, licensing, right of entry, parking lots, and document requests. Mail or fax your application to the address noted on the form.


Norfolk Southern tenants might sublease property, reassign leases, and terminate leases through an application process.


How to sublease or assign a lease

NS tenants must obtain approval to sublease all or part of leased property. Also, NS tenants looking to sell a business or change ownership of a business must request approval. If you are changing business ownership, provide proof of change of ownership along with your sublease/assignment application.


Download Sublease Assignment application:


Lease termination requests


To terminate your lease with NS, make a written request to:

Norfolk Southern Corporation - Real Estate Department
Attn: Termination Requests
650 W Peachtree Street N.W - Box 22
Atlanta GA 30308

Norfolk Southern offers the convenience of paying rental charges online with the use of a credit card or automatic withdrawal from bank accounts.

You can make payments online for non-freight invoices, including leases, easements, grade crossing projects, property damage, scrap, and sales if your invoice has a “remit payment to” address of P.O. Box 71209 Charlotte, NC 28272-1209.


Pay your bills via ACH

To view your invoices online and pay via ACH, please register at our customer portals:

Norfolk Southern:


Pay bills with your credit card

Provide the following information:

  • Customer number
  • Invoice number
  • Invoice dollar amount
  • Contact name
  • Phone
  • E-mail


Click here to make a one-time online payment




If you have invoicing questions, direct them to Collections Coordinator at 404-979-5166 or

For NS invoices:

Norfolk Southern Railway Company
Mail Code 5629
P.O. Box 71209
Charlotte, NC 28272-1209

For Conrail invoices:

Consolidated Rail Corporation
Mail Code 5630
P.O. Box 71209
Charlotte, NC 28272-1209

Contact the representative whose phone number is listed in the upper right corner of your invoice.

Your account number is listed in the lower right corner of your invoice just above the amount due.

Some agreements allow for periodic increases of rental rates based on published wage and price indices, usually the Consumer Price Index. Others provide for fixed increases noted in your agreement. Your invoice will show the calculation of increases. Any unscheduled increases will follow a letter of explanation.

You can find the number in the upper right corner of your invoice.

Go to the Documents Request & Change Billing Address page and fill out a form for change of billing address.

Yes. Visit Pay Bills Online for instructions on how to pay with a credit card.

For copies of documents related to your account, such as agreements or invoices, submit a Document Request form.


You can make changes to your billing address by e-mailing with your account number, contact, and address change information.


Download Document Request and Billing Address Change form

Norfolk Southern requires tenants and licensees to secure, at their own expense, liability insurance from approved companies. 


What insurance do I need?


NS typically requires the following types of insurance:

  • Commercial general liability insurance
  • Automobile liability insurance
  • Worker’s compensation insurance
  • Railroad protective liability insurance (during construction and maintenance)


How much coverage does NS require?


For commercial leases, NS usually requires a commercial general liability insurance policy with a combined single limit of not less than $2 million per occurrence of injury, death, damage, loss, or destruction of property.

NS provides specific insurance requirements in tenant/licensee agreements. Make sure to include NS as an additional insured on all liability policies.


Contact for insurance questions


Risk Management
Norfolk Southern Corporation
650 West Peachtree Street NW
Atlanta, GA 30308

Safety comes first at Norfolk Southern. Our corporate vision is to “Be the safest, most customer-focused, and successful transportation company in the world.” 


Schedule railroad safety training

Railroad rights of way can be dangerous, so get safety training before coming onto NS property. To schedule a highway-rail safety presentation at your workplace, club, school, fair, or special event, contact your state’s Operation Lifesaver coordinator.


Transport hazardous materials safely.

Environmental responsibility is a core value at NS. The railroad can deny any lease or sales requests based on environmental concerns. NS prohibits the following on NS property:

  • electronics
  • electrical transformer repair or reconditioning
  • asbestos manufacturing
  • blast furnaces
  • steel works
  • rolling and finishing mills
  • smelting and/or refining
  • wood treatment or tie plants
  • salvage operations
  • junk yards
  • scrap dealers
  • drum or barrel reconditioners
  • battery recycling
  • tire storage or recycling
  • waste disposal operations of any kind, including landfills
  • surface impoundments and waste piles
  • incinerators
  • sewage systems
  • electroplating operations
  • fuel blending
  • waste or used oil recycling or reclamation
  • explosives disposal
  • manufacturing or detonation
  • bulk oil storage.
  • any facility requiring a TSD hazardous waste permit and any hazardous waste transload facility


In case of emergency

Contact NS Police Communications at 800-453-2530.