Transload Facility


The Norfolk Southern Transload/Warehouse Network comprises of company-owned and branded Thoroughbred Bulk Terminals (TBTs) along with hundreds of independently owned facilities located on both Norfolk Southern and our Short Line partners. These facilities provide efficient, cost-effective supply-chain solutions that allow non-rail-served customers to take advantage of all that rail has to offer.

NSites Distribution Solution Locator

Whether you are looking to move lumber, steel, refrigerated items, chemicals, or hundreds of other products, NSites will help you find the right rail served supply chain solution. The interactive map allows you to quickly identify facilities in the region you wish to ship to/from. NSites tools make it easy to create searches as narrow or as broad as you would like based on key site-specific features and then easily compare the results to find the perfect location that meets your needs.  Click on this NSites link to get started.




Once you’ve found a location, a Norfolk Southern Field Sales manager is just a click away to assist with next steps.