Train moving through historic train yard in a way that promotes community safety.


Valued Partnerships

Short Line railroads are a key component in Norfolk Southern’s overall growth strategy by playing a pivotal role in the first and final mile on our network.

Norfolk Southern connects with roughly 250 short lines, adding over 20,000 additional miles of track to the Norfolk Southern network. 

Norfolk Southern Field Sales Managers are regionally based throughout our network to better assist Short Lines and their customers with all their shipping needs.

BCO Short Line Map

Norfolk Southern works with short line partners to ensure high levels of customer service and eliminate reporting errors for the following events:

    • Interchange Receipts
    • Interchange Deliveries
    • Actual placements
    • Releases
    • Constructive Placements *
    • Pulls or Initial Departures
    • Bad Orders (To/From)
    • Arrivals at Final Destinations*
    • Holds (To/From)
    • Intermediate Arrivals *
    • Departures *
    • Ramps
    • De-ramps
    • In-gates (HHAR and HIGT)
    • Out-gates (HADR and HOGT)
    • Notified Destination Party *
    • Interchanges To/From TRUK
    * Credit-only events—railroads receive credit when they report these events but NS does not charge if these events are missing.

    Reporting MarkShort Line Name
    Ann Arbor Railroad
    ABRAthens Line, LLC
    ABSAlabama Southern Railroad
    ABWRAlabama Warrior Railroad
    ACJRAshtabula Carson Jefferson Railroad
    ACWRAberdeen Carolina & Western Railway
    ADBFAdrian & Blissfield Railroad
    AGRAlabama & Gulf Coast Railway, LLC
    ALEAlabama Export Railroad
    ALLNAllentown & Auburn Railroad
    ALSAlton & Southern Railway
    ARAberdeen & Rockfish Railroad Company
    ARAArcade & Attica Railroad
    ARCAlexander Railroad Company
    ASRYAshland Railway Co.
    ATNAlabama & Tennessee River Railway, LLC
    ATWAtlantic & Western Railway, L.P.
    AUTAutauga & Northern Railroad
    AVRAllegheny Valley Railroad
    AWRYAdams-Warnock Railway
    BBBuckingham Branch Railroad
    BDRVBelvidere & Delaware River Railway
    BHBath & Hammondsport Railroad
    BHRRBirmingham Terminal Railway
    BHSBurns Harbor Shortline Railroad
    BLOLBloomer Shippers Connecting RR Co.
    BLUBlue Ridge Southern Railroad
    BOCTBaltimore and Ohio Chicago Terminal Railroad
    BPRRBuffalo & Pittsburgh RR
    BRCBelt Railway Company of Chicago
    BRWBlack River & Western Railroad
    BSORBuffalo Southern Railroad
    BVRYBrandywine Valley Railroad Co.
    CAChesapeake & Albemarle Railroad Co.
    CAGYColumbus & Greenville Railway Company
    CAMYCamp Chase Railroad
    CCETCincinnati East Terminal Railway
    CCHColumbus & Chattahoochee Railroad
    CCKYChattooga & Chickamauga Railway Co.
    CCRLCleveland Commercial Railroad
    CERCharlotte & Western
    CERACentral Railroad Company of Indianapolis
    CFEChicago, Fort Wayne & Eastern Railroad
    CGRCG Railway, Inc.
    CHBCleveland Harbor Belt Railroad
    CHRChestnut Ridge Railroad Corporation
    CICCedar Rapids & Iowa City Railway
    CINDCentral Railroad Company of Indiana
    CKINChesapeake & Indiana Railroad
    CLNACarolina Coastal Railway
    CMSLCape May Seashore Lines
    CNYKCentral New York Railroad Corporation
    CORYColumbia & Reading Railway
    CPMYCoopersville & Marne Railway
    CPRCater Parrott Railnet
    CRLChicago Rail Link
    CSKRC & S Railroad Corporation
    CSSChicago SouthShore & South Bend RR
    CTColumbia Terminal
    CTNCanton Railroad Company
    CUOHColumbus & Ohio River Railroad
    CWCYCaldwell County Railroad Company
    CWROCleveland Works Railway Co.
    CWRYCommonwealth Railway Inc.
    DCDelray Connecting Railroad
    DCRDelmarva Central Railroad
    DCRRDubois County Railroad Company
    DDDover & Delaware River Railroad
    DGVRDurbin & Greenbrier Railroad
    DLDelaware-Lackawanna Railroad
    DLWRDepew/Lancaster/Western Railroad
    DREIDecatur & Eastern Illinois Railroad
    DRRDelaware & Raritan River Railroad
    DTDecatur Junction Railway Company
    EARYEastern Alabama Railway
    EBGEastern Berks Gateway Railroad
    EBTCEast Broad Top Connecting Railroad
    ECTBEast Chattanooga Belt Railway Company
    EECEast Erie Commercial RR
    EJREast Jersey Railroad & Terminal
    ERRTEast Chicago Rail Terminal LLC
    ESPNEast Penn Railroad
    ETRYEast Tennessee Railway, LP
    EVEverett Railroad Co.
    EVWREvansville & Western Railroad
    EWRElkhart & Western Railroad Co.
    EZRElizabethtown Industrial Railroad
    FCFulton County Railroad Inc
    FECFlorida East Coast Railway
    FGLKFinger Lakes Railway Company
    FIRFlats Industrial Railroad Co.
    GCGeorgia Central Railway, LP
    GDLKGrand Elk Railroad
    GETGettysburg and Northern Railroad
    GFRRGeorgia & Florida Railroad
    GITMGolden Isles Terminal Railroad Inc.
    GLTRGreat Lakes Terminal Railroad LLC
    GMRGeorgia Midland Railroad Inc 
    GRGrand Rapids Eastern Railroad
    GRLWGreenville & Western Railway
    GRWGary Railway
    GRYRGrenada Railway
    GSGeorgia Southern Railway
    GSGeorgia Southern Railway
    GSMGreat Smokey Mountain Railway Inc
    GSWRGeorgia Southwestern Railroad Company, Inc.
    GTRAGolden Triangle Railroad
    HALHilton & Albany Railroad
    HIRRHainesport Industrail Railroad
    HMCRHuntsville & Madison County RR Authority
    HOGHeart of Georgia
    HOSHoosier Southern Railroad
    HRHeritage Railroad Corporation
    HRTHartwell Railroad Company
    HSRHainesport Secondary LLC
    IAISIowa Interstate Railroad
    ICRKIndian Creek Railroad Company
    IHBIndiana Harbor Belt Railroad Company
    IMRRIllinois & Midland Railroad
    INIndiana Northeastern Railroad Co.
    INRDIndiana Rail Road Company
    IORYIndiana & Ohio Railway
    ISRRIndiana Southern Railroad
    ISRYIowa Southern Railway Company
    ISWIndiana Southwestern Railway Co.
    ITHRInthaca Central Railroad
    JAILJackson & Lansing Railroad
    JVRRJuniata Valley Railroad
    JXPTJacksonville Port Terminal Railroad
    KBSRKankakee, Beaverville & Southern RR
    KCTLKansas City Transportation Company LLC
    KJRYKeokuk Junction Railway Company
    KNRKinston Railroad LLC
    KNWAKanawha River Railroad
    KRSKatahdin Railcar Services LLC
    KTKentucky and Tennessee Railway
    KTRKendallville Terminal Railway Co.
    KXCGKnoxville & Cumberland Gap Railroad
    KXHRKnoxville & Holston River Railroad Co.
    LALLivonia, Avon & Lakeville Railroad
    LCLancaster & Chester Railway Co.
    LERLogansport & Eel River Short Line
    LIRCLouisville & Indiana Railroad
    LMICLake Michigan & Indiana RR Co.
    LNALLouisville, New Albany & Corydon RR
    LRWYLehigh Railway
    LSLuzerne & Susquehanna Railway
    LTLake Terminal Railroad
    LVRLandisville Railroad
    LVRBLehigh Valley Rail Management / Bethlehem Division
    LVRJLehigh Valley Rail Management / Johnstown Division
    LVRRLycoming Valley Railroad
    LWLouisville & Wadley Railway
    LXVRLuxapalila Valley Railroad
    MAWMaumee & Western Railroad Corp
    MCLRMcLaughlin Line Railroad
    MDDEMaryland & Delaware RR Company
    MDSMeridian Southern Railway
    MEMorristown & Erie Railway
    MERMissouri Eastern Railroad LLC
    MIDHMiddletown & Hummelstown Railroad
    MJManufacturers Junction Railway
    MMIDMaryland Midland Railway
    MNBRM & B Railroad, L.L.C.
    MNJMiddletown & NJ Ry Co.
    MSCIMississippi Central Railroad Company
    MSEMississippi Export Railroad Co.
    MSOMichigan Southern Railroad
    MTNRMississippi Tennessee Railroad LLC
    MVRYMahoning Valley Railway Co.
    NBERNittany & Bald Eagle Railroad
    NCIRNew Castle Industrial Railroad
    NCRLNC Railroad
    NCSNewcastle Southern Railroad
    NDCRN.D.C. Railroad
    NECRNew England Central Railroad
    NJRCNew Jersey Rail Carier, LLC
    NJSLNew Jersey Seashore Lines INC
    NOPBNew Orleans Public Belt
    NOWNorthern Ohio and Western
    NPBNorfolk and Portsmouth Belt Line Railroad
    NSHRNorth Shore Railroad Company
    NSRNewburgh and South Shore RR
    NTRYN & T Railway
    NYANew York and Atlantic Railway Inc.
    NYGLNew York & Greenwood Lake Railway
    NYLENew York & Lake Erie Railroad
    NYNJNew York New Jersey Rail, LLC
    NYSWNew York Susquehanna & Western RY
    OCTLOil Creek and Titusville Lines
    OHPAOhio & Pennsylvania Railroad Company
    OHRYOwego & Harford Railway
    ONCTOntario Central Railroad Corp.
    ORCOgeechee Railroad Company
    OSRROhio Southern Railroad Inc
    OVROhio Valley Railway
    PALPaducah and Louisville RR
    PASPan Am Southern
    PHRRPort Harbor Railroad
    PICKPickens Railroad Company
    PJRPort Jersey Railroad Company
    PKHPPickens Railway, Honea Path Division
    POHCPittsburgh & Ohio Central Railroad
    PRPalmetto Railway
    PRVPearl River Valley Railroad Company
    PRYPioneer Industrial Railway
    PSWRPennsylvania Southwestern Railroad Co.
    PWProvidence & Worcester Railroad
    RBMNReading, Blue Mountain & Northern RR
    RCRYRaritan Central Railway, L.L.C.
    RFCCRaleigh and Fayetteville Railroad LLC
    RJALR. J. Corman Railroad Co./Childersburg Line
    RJCCR. J. Corman Railroad Co./Central Kentucky Lines
    RJCLR. J. Corman Railroad Company/Cleveland Line
    RJCNR. J. Corman Railroad Company/Allentown Line
    RJCPR. J. Corman Railroad Company/Pennsylvania Line
    RJCWR. J. Corman Railroad Company/Western Ohio Line
    RSLRSL Railroad
    RSMRailroad Switching Service of Missouri
    RSRRochester & Southern Railroad
    SANSandersville Railroad Company
    SAPTSavannah Port Terminal RR Inc.
    SBLNSterling Belt Line Railway
    SCIHSouth Chicago & Indiana Harbor Railroad
    SCSSquaw Creek Southern Railroad
    SCXFSouth Central Florida Express
    SHSteelton & Highspire Railroad
    SLRSSMS Rail Service
    SNYSMS Rail Lines of New York
    SPOSouth Point & Ohio Railroad LLC
    SRCStrasburg Railroad
    SRNJSouthern Railroad Co of NJ
    STSpringfield Terminal Railway Company
    STRTStewartstown Railroad Co
    SVRRShamokin Valley Railroad
    SWPSouthwest Pennsylvania Railroad
    TASDTerminal Railway Alabama State Docks
    TIRToledo Industrial Railroad
    TLEToledo, Lake Erie & Western Railway
    TPRTradepoint Rail
    TPWToledo, Peoria & Western Railway
    TRRATerminal Railroad Association of St Louis
    TTRTalleyrand Terminal Railroad
    TYBRTyburn Railroad
    TZPRTazewell & Peoria Railroad, Inc.
    UCIRUnion County Industrial Railroad
    UMPUpper Merion & Plymouth Railroad
    URRUnion Railroad
    VRValdosta Railway, LP
    VSRRVirginia Southern Railroad
    VTRVermont Railway
    WBCRWabash Central, LLC
    WCORWellsboro & Corning Railroad
    WEWheeling & Lake Erie
    WNYPWestern New York & Pennsylvania Railroad, LLC
    WSORWisconsin Southern Railroad
    WSRYWinamac Southern Railway Company
    WSSWinston-Salem Southbound Railway Company
    WTNNWest Tennessee Railroad, LLC
    WTRMWarren & Trumbull Railroad
    WWWinchester & Western Railway
    WYECWye Transportation Co
    YARRYoungstown & Austintown Railroad
    YBYoungstown Beltline Railroad
    YRCYork Railway Co.
    YSRRYoungstown & Southeastern
    YVRRYadkin Valley Railway