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Our online customer service tools make it easy to manage your account, view and download freight bills, create customized summaries, and resolve issues — all through eFreightBill in AccessNS.

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Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

Ways to Receive and View Freight Bills

You can view and download freight bills through eFreightBill in AccessNS.

Login or register to AccessNS

You can request to receive freight bill copies via email.

EDI is an electronic transfer of information between business entities using public standards. These standards are governed by the Accredited Standards Committee X12 of the American National Standards Institute.

With EDI, you can receive freight bills electronically.

If you have questions about setup or testing for electronic billing, email

Ways to Pay via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

Norfolk Southern can accept and process Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) transactions via Automated Clearing House (ACH) or wire transfer. We recommend ACH rather than wire payments as they are more cost-efficient for customers.

If you have questions about EFT options, contact

Our ACH Debit Plan program is an auto draft payment scheduled by Norfolk Southern. This program simplifies the payment approval process and ensures that payments meet credit terms.


When you enroll in the program, you’ll receive a weekly statement of invoices accrued during the previous week. These invoices include both linehaul and miscellaneous charges associated with linehaul movements. You can elect to receive statements on any day of the week. Customers enrolled in the ACH Debit Plan are exempt from Finance Charges, below.

You can view freight bill copies online using eFreight Bill in AccessNS. We can also send bill copies via email upon request.

You must advise your Revenue Account Analyst of disputes on weekly statements by 12:30 p.m. EST, at least two business days before the ACH debit date for that statement. We'll work with you to resolve all disputes before the debit date and will debit the amount of undisputed charges only. We'll cancel disputed charges resolved in your favor. The next debit statement will show any disputed charges resolved in favor of Norfolk Southern.

Transfer of Funds
Funds are debited from your bank account via automatic draft.

Sign Up for the ACH Debit Plan Program
To sign up for the ACH Debit Plan program, complete, sign, and submit the online ACH Debit Plan form.

If you have any questions, you can contact the Revenue Account Analyst whose name, telephone number, and email address appear on your freight bill. You can also email

ACH credit is an electronic payment scheduled by the customer. For information about paying a bill via ACH Credit, contact

A wire transfer is an electronic payment scheduled by the customer. For information about paying a bill via wire, contact

Ways to Submit Remittance

EDI is an electronic transfer of information between business entities using public standards. These standards are governed by the Accredited Standards Committee X12 of the American National Standards Institute.

You can use EDI with an 820 addenda record to electronically remit ACH payments to Norfolk Southern. This reduces the payment cycle and eliminates the risk of cash application errors.

Contact if you have questions about using EDI to submit remittance.

You can also submit remittance via email. Send remittance information to

Additional Billing & Payment Information

To request freight credit from Norfolk Southern:

• Complete the online Norfolk Southern Credit Application.
• Review the terms and conditions of the Agreement included in the application.
• Sign and submit the application online. You’ll receive a copy of your application by email.

If you have previously applied for credit with Norfolk Southern and have not shipped in the past 12 months, a new credit application may be necessary.

Customers without credit should contact The Cash Application Group at to arrange prepayment.

Corporate Name Change

If you have undergone a name change, you may be asked to review and sign the Norfolk Southern Credit Agreement using the new legal entity name.

Non-freight invoices include leases, easements, grade crossing projects (federal aid), property damage, scrap sales, etc. If your invoice or statement has a remit to address of P.O. Box 71209 Charlotte, NC 28272-1209, you may submit payment electronically via ACH or credit card to expedite payment processing using one of the sites listed below. For additional payment methods, please reach out to

View and Pay NS Non-Freight Invoice via ACH
View and Pay Conrail Non-Freight Invoice via ACH
Pay Non-Freight Invoice with credit card

Locating Your Customer Number and Invoice Number

The Sample Invoice and Sample Statement below highlight where you can find your customer number and invoice number in these documents.

Download Sample Statement (PDF)
Download Sample Invoice (PDF)

Pay storage charges quickly and easily using our online credit card payment option with a valid VISA, MasterCard, or AMEX account.

Pay Storage Charges
Pay Flip Charges

Need a credit card refund?

You can request a refund for overpaid storage and lifts. Refer to the Claims & Refunds section below.

We may impose finance charges for undisputed and unpaid freight bills beyond terms.

More information about finance charges can be found in the Download Norfolk Southern Conditions of Carriage (PDF), Rule 300.

Claims & Refunds


If you do not have an AccessNS account, click here to register. To ensure you have all the necessary permissions, select eFreightBill during registration. If you are an existing AccessNS user and do not have eFreightBill, you will need to submit a request within AccessNS to add the additional account authorization.

Norfolk Southern’s Revenue Claims group handles all overcharge claims related to freight bills. Overcharge claims involve rate errors, duplicate payments, overpayments, weight errors, prepaid versus collect and Rule 11 versus through billing disputes, or incorrectly issued bills.

Submit a Freight Overcharge Claim

To submit an overcharge claim, please use the online form by logging into AccessNS.  The Revenue Claims Center is located under the Manage tab.  The new portal allows you to submit claims and attach supporting documentation, view and track the status of your claim, and if necessary, communicate with the Revenue Claims group.

Revenue Claims

Refunds can be requested for overpaid storage and lifts.

For Intermodal credit card refunds, please include the last 4-digits of the credit card number you would like a refund to and send the request to:


Intermodal Refunds Group


Please allow 2-3 business days for the request to be reviewed.