That Transforms Transportation


Industry-leading machine vision technology that keeps tracks safe. Innovative applications that provide greater visibility into our network. AI-powered dispatch tools that help trains move efficiently. They’re all built with a singular focus: developing smarter ways to keep America’s railways moving strong.

Advancing Safety

Revolutionizing Railroad Safety With Artificial Intelligence

From autonomous track inspection to advanced algorithms predicting rail maintenance to powerful cameras and AI models inspecting trains as they pass, we’re building the future of rail safety today.

Revolutionizing Railroad Safety with Artificial Intelligence

Everything starts with safety, including our partnerships in innovation. We’re collaborating with the Georgia Tech Research Institute to develop next-generation, ultra-high-resolution camera and imaging systems — taking our digital train inspection capabilities to a new level.


Images per railcar, captured by high-resolution cameras at each inspection portal along tracks


reduction in industry hazmat derailments from 2002 to 2022 due to technology investments and innovation1

1. Federal Railroad Administration Rail Equipment Accident/Incident Data (Form 54) database 2022

Powering the Customer Experience

Harnessing the Power of Data to Drive Your Business

We’re developing the apps, portals, and APIs that give you greater control of your logistics through real-time data, greater visibility into your shipments, and connections to the information you need, when you need it. When you work with us, you have the tools to move freight efficiently and grow your business faster than ever before.

Three Norfolk Southern employees working at the company technology office gather around computers and discuss infrastructure technology plans.

Explore our portfolio of customizable APIs that enable your business teams to integrate directly with our data. With these connections, you’ll improve efficiency by pulling the most current information into your systems.

Rail Pulse uses sensors mounted on railcars to deliver data about the condition, location, and status of trains. With this technology, we can show you exactly where your shipment is — and when you can expect delivery.

Building Technology Platforms That Move the World

We never stop working to advance the future of rail. Whether we’re building mobile apps that give our people greater insight into our operations or using machine learning algorithms to improve the efficiency of our network, we’re committed to working smarter, safer, and faster.  

  • The hands of a Norfolk Southern employee hold a cellphone with a screen that depicts a tracking map that helps assist the company in their infrastructure technology efforts.

    Putting Power in the Hands of Our People

    Our employees are equipped with industry-leading mobile apps that enable them to monitor equipment, track shipment status, request track authority, and more.

  • A Norfolk Southern dispatch employee monitors his computer applications in service of the railway company’s railway technology.

    Data-powered Dispatch

    Through custom data algorithms, we have developed sophisticated automated logistics tools that enable us to move our trains across our 19,500-mile network – quickly, efficiently, reliability. 

  • An over-the-shoulder shot of a Norfolk Southern employee viewing the railway technology train plans on his computer screen.

    Technology-Driven Train Plans

    Movement Planner's insights translate into technology-driven operating decisions as the train moves across our network.

Empowering Our People to Transform Transportation

Our technologists are the minds behind some of the world’s most cutting-edge innovations. Imagine your future building industry-leading artificial intelligence models, state-of-the-art monitoring and inspection systems, and advanced real-time data analysis algorithms.

A Norfolk Southern technologist holds his computer and smiles thinking about the work he does on railway technology.