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Norfolk Southern’s apps, platforms, and APIs give you greater control over your logistics so you can drive your business more effectively through our technology.

The Power of AccessNS

AccessNS is our powerful customer-facing technology platform that enables you to manage the life cycle of a shipment, from start to finish, providing a holistic logistics management experience.

The AccessNS platform as it is used on a laptop

With the power of AccessNS, you gain better visibility and information about your shipments on our rail. From tracking shipments, to seeing unit details in one convenient location, to knowing what railcars are available in the pipeline or are at your location, to handling billing and support, AccessNS provides all the details you need in one easy platform.

We’re working every day to improve how you can leverage AccessNS’ data to help your business. We’re increasing transparency to ensure shared data reflects your needs and priorities. We’re developing new visualizations of your information so you will soon be able to see all your critical data on one screen, rather than jumping around from page to page to find the information you need. When it comes to helping you harness the power of data, NS is just getting started.

Harnessing the Power of Data

With NS’ customizable APIs you can integrate our data directly into your system, processes, and dashboards to create a full logistics solution that meets your needs. Our APIs enable you the flexibility of leveraging data, however you need it, to help more effectively manage your business.

visual of data delivered on screen

Innovating Intermodal Terminals

NS is making meaningful investments in advancing technologies at our intermodal terminals. From ExpressNS to automation innovations in the pipeline, we’re pushing technology forward that streamlines intermodal container pickup and drop-off.  These innovations help provide a more effective and efficient experience within the terminal so your shipments can get moving faster and more easily.

Austell intermodal crane with NS patriotic horse

Carbon Calculator

Rail is the most sustainable way to move freight over land, and every year we help our customers avoid 15 million tons of carbon emissions. Our industry-leading carbon calculator uses reliable data to produce accurate pre-shipment emissions estimates. When joined with AccessNS’ actual emissions report based on real-time shipments, our technologies help you better understand your climate impact as you determine your transportation needs.

Over the shoulder image of a women working at a computer looking to calculate her carbon savings

Rail Pulse

To improve customer service and experience, RailPulse uses sensors mounted on railcars to provide real-time visibility into the location, condition, and status of trains. With this technology, we can show you exactly where your shipment is — and when you can expect delivery.

The railpulse logo in black with the A in teal and travelling under the rest of the logo like a heart beat monitor.

Technology that Transforms Transportation

Industry-leading machine vision technology that keeps tracks safe. Innovative applications that provide greater visibility into our network. AI-powered dispatch tools that help trains move efficiently. They’re all built with a singular focus: developing smarter ways to keep America’s railways moving strong.

Stacked intermodal shipping containers stationed at a Norfolk Southern intermodal facility.