An aerial photo of Norfolk Southern coal cars ready for coal transportation.


Norfolk Southern is strategically located to partner with producers, receivers, agents, and brokers to support the sourcing, blending, and transportation of high-quality utility, metallurgical, and industrial coals that power communities, advance economic development, and feed manufacturing in America and around the world.

With an extensive selection of coal and coke cars, we can move your product to both domestic and international markets. Our fleet includes manual hoppers and gondolas for rotary dump service, high cubic capacity coke hoppers, and air-operated quick discharge hoppers.

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What We Ship

Our coal team provides accessible shipping solutions for customers moving coal, coke, and iron ore.

A close-up image series of 5 different coal products, showing Norfolk Southern’s coal shipping capabilities.

Find a Coal Transload Facility

Norfolk Southern serves several transloading facilities providing our customers access to domestic and international markets via barge, lake or seaborn vessels.

An aerial shot of Norfolk Southern’s coal shipping coal cars moving on a railway along the coast.

Mine Operations Directory

Transport your shipments from mines to domestic and international markets with Norfolk Southern.

An approaching Norfolk Southern coal shipping intermodal transport arriving from the coal mine.

Explore our System Map

Our network of 19,500+ miles of rail lines drives growth for our customers and competition in a global marketplace.

A graphic map of Norfolk Southern’s rail lines that service coal transportation and coal shipping.

Looking for a Public Rate?

Get started and reach out to our team for your product-specific rate. Be sure to include your origin and destination information.

An aerial shot of intermodal transportation coal cars on Norfolk Southern railways at the ready for coal transportation and coal shipping.

Rates for Current Customers

Find an existing rate or request a new rate. 

An approaching Norfolk Southern coal shipping intermodal transport arriving from the coal mine.

Interested in Learning How Rail Shipping Works?

Check out our customer-centric and operations-driven service across a powerful rail system.

An aerial shot of a Norfolk Southern coal shipper providing coal shipping service on an intermodal railway.

Explore Shipping With Us 

If your business is looking to ship coal freight with Norfolk Southern, please contact Tina Strickland.

Make sure to include the name of your business, the type of commodities shipped, and, if you know it, the STCC code.

Key Resources for Coal Shipping

Streamline Your Operations

Track shipments, get real-time data, request coal permits and more with our one-stop digital dashboard.

Expand Your Footprint

Connect with us to find the site you need and make informed site location and expansion decisions.

Accounting & Billing

Establish credit, update electronic billing, or get an overcharge refund.

Freight Claims

Get details and start your claim.

Mine Operations

Explore Norfolk Southern’s extensive list of mine operations facilities.

Coal Loading Status

Review a detailed list of capabilities at the various Norfolk Southern served mines.

NS Approved Freeze Conditioning Agents

A list of all Norfolk Southern approved freeze conditioning agents.

Find Available Rail-Served Properties

Explore potential sites for development with our GIS-based, first-in-class search engine, designed for businesses and site selection experts.

An aerial shot of a Norfolk Southern rail line awaiting coal trains providing coal transportation and coal shipping service.

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An aerial shot of coal trains at a Norfolk Southern coal transportation coal loading pier.