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Freight Claims for Lading Loss and Damage

We make every effort to prevent freight damage or loss, including providing education and guidance for handling freight. In the event of lading damage or loss, you can file a freight claim using the Damaged Freight form in AccessNS. You can also track the status of your claim in AccessNS.


Submitting all documentation with your claim will help minimize the claim handling time.  You can also submit a freight claim by mail to: Norfolk Southern Corporation, 650 West Peachtree Street, NW, Box 26, Atlanta, GA 30308


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When you fill out your Damaged Freight form, be sure to include:

  • Email address and phone number

  • Railcar/Container/Trailer initial and number

  • Documentation of good order at origin while loaded in the railcar 

  • Details of conversations with Damage Prevention about your loss

  • Shipper/delivery seal records, if applicable

  • Refrigeration temperature records, if applicable

  • A Bill of Lading and Invoice for claimed loss 

  • Mitigation evidence and/or salvage allowed

  • Status of freight charges

  • Pictures or supporting documentation of damage related to lading loss

  • Updated W-9 

Releasing Railcars for Repair

If freight damage or loss was related to a railcar defect noted during or after unloading, you must also release the railcar back to Norfolk Southern with the correct rejection reason code (“Reject Release Empty”). Refer to Norfolk Southern Condition of Carriage Rule 210 for more information.

Private Railcar Damage Claims

Claims to private railcars are handled through Railinc’s Damaged and Defective Car Tracking system (DDCTS).


Rule 107 in The Association of American Railroads’ Office Manual outlines regulations for handling damage to private railcars as a result of unfair usage.


If you’re leasing a railcar that has been damaged or destroyed, we can help you contact the owner.


If you own a railcar that has been damaged or destroyed, we can help direct you to the correct DDCTS contact for help filing a claim.

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Property Damage Claims

You can file a property damage claim if you believe Norfolk Southern or its affiliates caused damage to your private property.


Use our online form to report property damage.

Freight Overcharge Claims

Overcharge claims involve rate errors, duplicate payments, overpayments, weight errors, prepaid versus collect disputes, rule 11 versus through rates, or incorrectly issued bills. Norfolk Southern’s Miscellaneous Accounts group handles all overcharge claims related to freight bills.


See form “Submit an Overcharge Claim” below.


Shortline Accounting and Revenue Claims

Get Help with Intermodal Equipment Damage

Resources, tools, and guides to help with repairs and claims if your intermodal equipment is damaged.

Intermodal equipment claim hep with repairs

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