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With real-world work experience, training and coaching, and networking opportunities, Norfolk Southern’s paid internship program exposes you to professional opportunities you can leverage in academics or in your future career. (And our new building in Tech Square is pretty cool too).

Lay Tracks for Success

Our internship program is designed to provide students with meaningful work experience that allows them to build their skills, gain valuable knowledge, and create a foundation for their future.

Tracks to Success

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The NS Intern Experience

Interns at Norfolk Southern spend 10 – 12 weeks of a semester, learning and growing in a real-world working environment. Our paid intern program reaches across the company with opportunities for positions in a wide range of career areas – from business to engineering to IT to Marketing and more. Take the skills you are gaining in the classroom and apply them to actual experiences that help move America.

Intern Experience

When we say we provide “real world experience” we mean it. Our interns don’t get coffee or run errands, and then simply do a presentation at the end of the semester. We value what you bring to NS so our interns get time in the seat of doing the actual job that our full-time employees do day in and day out. This provides you with a good foundation for what comes after graduation and helps you gain a better understanding of whether this is the job or career path for you.  

We offer a paid internship program for fall, spring, and summer semesters that provides compensation based on your credit hours. We have a strong record of returning interns to learn more and do more. And when it comes time for you to enter the workforce full-time, Norfolk Southern has a high rate of converting our interns into permanent positions.

Build Your Foundation

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We care about each other, our customers, the communities we serve, and the planet we call home. That’s who we are, in everything we do, and our decisions reflect our values.

  • Culture

    Our Culture

    We are building a company where every employee can thrive. That culture extends to our interns and our employee resource groups, including YoungNS, a group many interns get involved with during their time here.

  • Vision & Values

    Vision & Values

    Running a railroad takes vision. Ours centers on prioritizing the well-being of each other, our customers, our partners, the communities we serve, and the planet we call home

  • Sustainability


    From carbon-reducing initiatives to land conservation to the energy efficiency of our new HQ, we are in the business of building a better planet.


From state-of- the-art amenities at HQ to the ways we foster your future, being an intern has its perks.

Hybrid Work Environment

We know there is value in both time spent with colleagues in the office and time working elsewhere. That’s why our internships offer a hybrid work experience where some days you will join your team in a dynamic office environment for collaboration and learning, others have the flexibly to work remotely.

Hybrid Envinronment

Career Opportunity

We are continually investing in our people through training programs and cross-functional experiences to help them grow, develop skills, and that goes for our interns as well. As part of your time here, we’ll help you learn more about the skills you are looking for, and, given the vast range of departments at NS, help get you exposure to other types of jobs and specialties.

Career Progression


At our new, modern, Atlanta Tech Square HQ, we provide amenities to all our employees and interns – such as a state-of-the-art gym, a game room for blowing off steam with colleagues or catching the game on TV, and even daycare if you have little ones – to make everyone's work-life balance a little easier.


Networking Opportunities

As a Norfolk Southern intern, you’ll gain valuable networking opportunities to get your career on the right track. You can build relationships with other early career colleagues in our Young NS resource group, learn from industry leaders, and leave with connections you’ll carry for the future.

Networking Opportunities

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From field ops to corporate to IT, careers at Norfolk Southern move the world. 

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