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Whether delivering automotive parts or distributing finished vehicles, we offer the automotive industry reliable customer service and cost-saving initiatives through our modal and supply chain management solutions.

Utilizing door-to-door delivery service, our automotive rail equipment provides truck-competitive rates and transportation options with streamlined shipments of automotive parts between major U.S. markets and Mexico's industrial centers.

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When shipping your finished vehicles with us, you can reduce your overall transit time because we efficiently mix manufacturers’ vehicles on a single railcar.

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Move your auto parts with our extensive network of services such as traditional boxcar services, JIT Rail Centers, Triple Crown Services, and Thoroughbred Direct Intermodal Services.

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Finished Vehicle Distribution Facilities

With more than 40 distribution facilities, we are strategically positioned to meet your needs.

A graphic map showing Norfolk Southern’s automobile transport rail distribution facilities.

Automotive Parts Facilities

Explore our network of automotive parts facilities for options on moving your auto parts.

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Find Automotive Tariffs

All tariffs are published online.

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Get started and email us at automotivemarketing@nscorp.com with your origin and destination information.

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Rates for Current Customers

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Explore Shipping with Us

If your business is looking to start a new relationship to ship parts or finished vehicles with Norfolk Southern, please contact our Automotive team.

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Make sure to include the name of your business and whether you’re shipping finished vehicles or parts.

Interested in Learning How Rail Shipping Works?

Check out our customer-centric and operations-driven service across a powerful rail system.

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Key Resources for Automotive Shipping

Manage Logistics

Track shipments, get real-time data, request pricing, and more with our one-stop digital dashboard.


Explore equipment options, including bi-level, tri-level, and uni-level car options.

Expand Your Footprint

Connect with us to find the site you need and make informed site location and expansion decisions.

Accounting & Billing

Establish credit, update electronic billing, or get an overcharge refund.

Freight Claims

Get details and start your claim.

Securement & Loading Solutions

Explore proper loading and securement for automotive railcars.

Find Available Rail-Served Properties

Explore potential sites for development with our GIS-based, first-in-class search engine, designed for businesses and site selection experts.

A rural automobile transport rail running alongside a highway.

Calculate Carbon Savings

Explore how much your company could reduce its carbon emissions by shipping with Norfolk Southern. Check out our Carbon Calculator.

A Norfolk Southern employee views a monitor screen that shows the railway company’s carbon calculator, which aims to reduce carbon emissions for automotive rail shipping service.

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