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We help you transport your chemical and waste products from rail to truck safely with our certified Thoroughbred Bulk Transfer facilities. 


With nearly two centuries of service, our team remains dedicated to providing safe rail service, whether we’re shipping through small communities or big cities. Check out our safety initiatives to learn more about our commitment to safety.

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What We Ship

We can help you safely ship and receive organic chemicals, inorganic chemicals, waste, sand, NGLs, crude oil, petroleum, and plastics.

Norfolk Southern chemical commodities transport

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To deliver goods to you, we work with 245 short line partners.

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Our network of 19,500+ miles of rail lines drives growth for our customers and competition in a global marketplace.

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Check out our customer-centric and operations-driven service across a powerful rail system.

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If your business is looking to ship chemical freight with Norfolk Southern, please contact Richard Diekman

Make sure to include the name of your business, the type of commodities shipped, and, if you know it, the STCC code.

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Explore how much your company could reduce its carbon emissions by shipping with Norfolk Southern. Check out our Carbon Calculator.

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