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Wide view of Norfolk Southern railcars in the process of shipping agricultural products and industrial forest products


We keep America's agriculture and forest industry moving with one goal in mind: your success. Whether you're shipping or receiving wheat, flour, or woodchips, we work with you to meet your needs and adapt to your changing distribution patterns. Our efficient, reliable solutions are engineered to drive performance and take your business further.

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Need to move agricultural products? We ship it all, from corn, oilseeds, wheat, and flour to fertilizer and ethanol. Our extensive transfer facilities and rail-connected sites are ready to serve you.

Close up of shippable agricultural products featuring corn, wheat, soybeans, grains, and food oils


We can help you ship and receive the forest products that drive your business. Lumber, woodchips, pulpboard, pulp, paper, and scrap: We move it all while going further for you.

Close up of industrial forest products featuring wood, pulpboard, wood fiber, wood pulp, and scrap paper.

Looking for Renewable Fuels?

Find Nearby Transload Facilities

Explore facilities with our GIS-based, first-in-class search engine, designed for businesses and site selection experts.

Aerial view of Norfolk Southern trains in a train yard shipping agricultural products or industrial forest products

Find a Local Connection

To deliver goods to you, we work with 245 short line partners.

View of Norfolk Southern short line connections for shipping agricultural products on a blue map of the southern part of the United States of America

Explore our System Map

Our network of 19,500+ miles of rail lines drives growth for our customers and competition in a global marketplace.

Illustration of Norfolk Southern’s rail network for shipping agricultural products in the United State of America


Explore our network of feed mills, elevators, and processing locations.

Grain Milling Directory


View and download our lumber mill customer locations.

Download Lumber Mills Map

Download Lumber Transload Facilities

View and download our wood-treatment customer locations.

Download Wood Treaters Map

Find Agriculture & Forest Tariffs

All tariffs are published online.

Looking for Public Pricing?

Get started and email us at with your origin and destination information.

Aerial image of Norfolk Southern railcars in a train yard ready to ship agricultural products

Rates for Current Customers

Find an existing rate or request a new rate.

Aerial view of different types of Norfolk Southern train cars in a rail yard waiting to ship agricultural or industrial forest products

Interested in Learning How Rail Shipping Works?

Check out our customer-centric and operations-driven service across a powerful rail system.

Aerial view of Norfolk Southern locomotive on railroad shipping agricultural products or industrial forest products.

Explore Shipping with Us

If your business is looking to ship agriculture and forest products with Norfolk Southern, please contact Beau St. Dennis.

Make sure to include the name of your business, the type of commodities shipped, and, if you know it, the STCC code.

Key Resources for Agriculture & Forest Shipping


Explore equipment options, move equipment into service, or learn more about loading and securement. 

Manage Logistics

Track shipments, get real-time data, request pricing, and more with our one-stop digital dashboard.

Expand Your Footprint

Connect with us to find the site you need and make informed site location and expansion decisions.

Accounting & Billing

Establish credit, update electronic billing, or get an overcharge refund.

Freight Claims

Get details and start your claim.

Find Available Rail-Served Properties

Explore potential sites for development with our GIS-based, first-in-class search engine, designed for businesses and site selection experts.

Aerial view of empty train tracks next to a road ready to build a rail served site for shipping agricultural products.

Calculate Carbon Savings

Explore how much your company could reduce its carbon emissions by shipping with Norfolk Southern. Check out our Carbon Calculator.

Working At a Computer To Calculate Carbon Savings Shipping Agricultural Products

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